Sikher - Open Source Gurbani Searcher

Monday, July 31, 2006

Sikher, the first-ever Open Source Gurbani Researcher is being developed, which will make understanding and reading Gurbani simple through translations and transliterations in multiple languages. The fact that the project is open-source means, that it would be FREEly available for downloading and any developer can contribute to its development by downloading its source code.

Sikher is a cross-platform desktop program designed to archive, search & display the Sikh scriptures using advanced functions. It shall allow the common person to be able to understand and read the messages contained in the Sikh scriptures through translations and transliterations in multiple languages, thereby breaking the language and geographical barrier between Gurbani and the world forever.

For the developers: The features Sikher possesses shall also be of interest to the Open Source community because Sikher is a highly versatile, powerful, visually appealing and functional program. Sikher combines the power of Java, Swing, Unicode and XML to create a powerful, robust and high performance application.

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ajay said...

Sewa Vichar Foundation was created in 2000 to originally record the entire oral recitation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji for the purpose of helping anyone to read and understand the Gurus words and to Gurbani bring
people closer to Gurbani. Since 2000, Sewa Vichar Foundation has expanded its efforts and sewa to record more Gurbani to reach each and every household in the world

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