Rare SE Secret Codes

Saturday, July 01, 2006

If you are having a Sony Ericsson phone, try this:

On your stand by screen, type the following!


<> means right (move Joystick to Right)
* means press * button

You will get a hidden menu! The menu has Service Info, Service Settings, Service Tests, Text Labels etc.

Do try this out.

Works on all SE phones.

There's another code which allows you to lock/unlock your phone with a network:


A way to (un)lock your cell phone on to the network(subset):
1. Press <**<
2. Then on the display appear and give you two choices: Lock to Network ? and Lock to Network subset? (Use arrow keys to select)
3. Enter the NCK number (code is provided by the SP)
4. You have 5 attemps to do this
5. Then your cell phone will work 'only' with the network
Warning: The Service Provider (SP) Lock menu is used to lock the cell phone to the SP's SIM card. Once the cell phone is locked to a specific operator, if one inserts a SIM card from a different operator the phone will refuse to accept it! The cell phone will however accept another SIM card from the same operator. To activate/deactivate this lock one needs a special secret code that is not available to the end user. Your phone can be locked to a service provider FOREVER by doing this! If an invalid code is entered all five times, the menu will exit and be deactivated! Any further attempt to activate the NCK/NSCK lock Menu will result in the response "Not allowed"! However the NCK/NSCK lock can be recover through a direct clearing in the EEPROM.


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