CampusDirt - The Unofficial Guide to College

Friday, December 30, 2005

There are many rankings available for the best colleges in US. But these rankings don't tell you much about the student life inside the college campus...

CampusDirt is a place where you could find what students have to say about their college. It is the best online college search. Students of over 1000 US colleges and universities speak about their experience in the college.

Some features of the website:

  • Information on over 1000 colleges and universities
  • 250,000 student quotes about college life
  • 2000 pictures sent in from students
  • Improved College Search
  • A side-by-side College Comparison
  • The Salary Predictor

The website also features a scholarship search and some tips for maximizing your eligibility for a financial aid...

You have to be a registered member of this website to get access to all this information. Do check out and register on this website. It is worth visiting.

Click here to go directly to the website.

Microsoft Windows Bug !

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

An interesting Microsoft Bug, try it for yourself:

  • Create a folder named 'Notepad' on your desktop.

  • Open a webpage in Internet Explorer, right click and select 'View Source'.

  • The 'Notepad' folder on desktop will open, instead of the regular notepad to view the source code.

Google Zeitgeist

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Google Zeitgeist, a release of the Google Press Center, provides latest search patterns and trends on Google.

This press release shows really amazing statistics of what people are searching on the web. It shows top 15 weekly queries on Google. It also show monthly search data under different categories. Zeitgeist really tells you what people are looking on the internet.

Zeitgeist help the editors analyze which news queries are the most popular on the internet. It also includes the top searched images on the internet. Apart from this, country-specific reports are also available. It shows the top search queries from a country for a given month.

Google Zeitgeist also shows year-end report of its popular search queries. The year-end Google Zeitgeist presents fabulous graphs showing the trends among the top queries in various categories, viz. world affairs, nature, movies, celebrities and phenomena. Yearly archives of Zeitgeist are also available from the year 2001 onwards.

To view the Google Zeitgeist click here.

Finally... I have entered the Blog-World

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Hello everyone,

So, I have finally decided to enter into this blog-world. After designing two websites, one of my own and other of the literary society of my college, I wanted to do something new on the internet. Also, I wanted to regain my ever-declining passion for writing. I found blogging as the best solution for my needs.

Designing websites and learning new scripting technologies was always interesting but during this course of time, I was not getting an opportunity to write something new. I just wrote three articles in the past one year. One a review of Rabbi Shergill's album, another a review of the movie Mr&Mrs Smith. The third one was my first technical article titled 'Building your first Website'. It took me over two hours to write this article as I made a lot of research to make the content as helpful as possible for new webmasters. All three articles can be found at my website

In the past six months, I thought of writing many new articles for my site but could not... may be due to lack of zeal or the boring process of editing and adding pages to your site manually. So, I thought of blogging as a better option. Whenever there's time, just switch on your notebook and start typing. I would periodically add good posts from this blog to my website.

What kind of articles you should expect from this blog?
The articles I would write may be from various interest fields including technology, music, movies and my faith Sikhism. Occasionally, I would also write some short stories and articles on other general issues. I would try my best that all articles bring to you something new, something different and something exciting...

So, here's a small orbital of this blog-world. Hopefully, from now on you would hear a lot from me.
Wishing my own blog a lot of success.