Space Station 3D

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Today, I went to watch the movie 'Space Station'. It was a great experience watching a 3D movie at 'ArenR IMAX', Ghaziabad for the first time. The movie is presented by Lockheed Martin Corporation in co-operation with NASA. It is a 47 minute documentary motion picture narrated by Tom Cruise. It is a story of the ISS and the astronauts associated with it. It is the first ever film which was shot in space.

Usenet Binaries: Anonymous downloads at DSL Speed Space Station 3D took us to the International Space Station (ISS). We didn't watched the Space Station but experienced it. We wore special goggles to watch the movie, which gave special 3D effects to the movie. It seemed like we joined astronauts inside the space station and experienced life on board.

We virtually took a walk inside the ISS which is a combined effort of the global partnership of 16 nations to build a technological marvel in space. Its mission is to provide special laboratories in space to study the inter-planetary life and do special researches in zero-gravitational conditions which are not possible on earth.

Watching a 3D movie was a special experience. We were surrounded by astronauts who were working on the ISS. They were floating around us and were not on the theater screen. We virtually felt being present inside the NASA base station with the scientists and when the flight took off we were on board with the astronauts.

There were many instances in the movie that made you feel that everything was happening in front of you. There was a scene in which astronauts were shown practicing for their space trip in water. The scene had a virtual 3D effect through which we were surrounded by water and bubbles burst as we breathed. In another scene we were surrounded by the dust particles that came storming at our face. In yet another scene an orange was thrown which seemed to hit our eye. This 3D effect combined with mind-boggling sound effects made it appear so realistic that we just became a part of the movie.

The movie appropriately justified its tagline: 'A Select Few Have Been Aboard... Now It's Your Turn!'. So, experience life aboard by watching this astonishing movie. The movie is only shown in IMAX theaters which have a presence in 26 countries.

Click here to visit the official website of this movie.

floAt's Mobile Agent

Friday, March 17, 2006

A couple of months back, I bought the data cable for my phone Sony Ericsson's K300i. The software provided my SE had limited functionality. It just had a file manager, a synchronization tool and a modem driver. Though certain other non-useful packages are also available such as mobile MMS, picture editor etc. but these softwares didn't allow me to take a backup of my SMSes which I characterize and upload on my websites SMS section at So, I searched for a software which could help me.
Finally, I found floAt's Mobile Agent (FMA) an open-source software specially designed for SE phones. I downloaded the FMA2.0, the current stable release of this software. The software comes with some excellent features enable you to totally control your SE cellphone from your computer. The software displays some interesting Phone Info such as phone temperature, manufacturer, model number, software version, serial number. It also displays the status of Battery and its temperature, consumption, charge etc.

The software allows you to make calls and send text messages from your computer using your cellphone. It has a phone explorer which can explore text messages, contacts, recent calls, files, profiles, groups and the phone organizer.

It can retrieve all your text messages from your phone which can be exported as a .csv, .html, .xml file. There is no software available at SE's website which can transfer or send SMS through your computer. It provides a great synchronization tool for your contacts, phone clock and phone bookmarks. It allows you to access your notes, calendar, alarms and bookmarks in the organizer section.
The software also comes in a Beta 2.1 version in which more phone brands are supported and the text messages and bookmarks can be synchronized. Another new version the FMA 3.0 is also being worked on which will even support phones with the Symbian OS (Nokia phones).

This is a must have software for all SE handset users. It provides you with great features to use explore and synchronize your phone.

Click here to download FMA 2.0 (the current stable release)

My SEO Efforts Worked

Thursday, March 16, 2006

My Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts for the website: D'LangChaps - Literary Society, GTBIT finally worked. I got first page rank in the top 3 search engines, viz. Google, MSN, Yahoo for the search query 'gtbit'. I practiced some of the best webmaster's practices as suggested by Google ( and MSN (

***These are the search results on: March 16, 2006. 08:00pm(IST). These may change depending on time and location of search.***

Japanese wearing Punjabi Ethnic Dress

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My cousin's Japanese friends wearing Turban and Kurta-Pyjama. They were really showing-up this dress and saying 'Sat Sri Akal' to everyone.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology (GTBIT) proudly presents to you its annual inter-college technical fest ‘GATES 2k6’ on March 9-10, 2006.

GATES (GTBIT Annual Technical Event for creative Souls) features various Technical, Managerial, Literary and General Events. It enables you to stretch your intellectual and creative capabilities and at the same time, provide you a great learning experience with the best scholarly minds around.

If programming is your hobby and technology constitutes your dream, then the technical events would make you supreme. The various technical events include Vernisage (TPP), Ideatum (Hardware/Software Presentation), Prologic (Overnight Online Programming), NeoLogic (Speed Programming), Pixellate (Flash Animation), Mosaic (Website Designing), Tuxedo (Open Source Challenge), Tech-Q (Technical Quiz), Digitec, Ethical Hacking and Beans Stalk (Java Programming).

All young managers and IIM aspirants, splash your managerial skills by participating in the managerial events during GATES2k6. If you are a self-motivated and smart individual who is able to get-the-work-done, then Apprentice is an event especially designed for you. If you are a young entrepreneur, then look forward to Logus (The Case Study), Corporate Roots (The Business Plan) and Bulls-n-Bears (Stock Market Simulation).

GATES2k6 also provides abundant of opportunities to showcase your Literary Skills. Speak up your mind, express yourself and show the world your flair. Chip in to Talk-it-Out (Group Discussion), Rhapsodize (Extempore) or Sired (Creative Writing). If you are proud of your vocabulary, then do participate in Mockabulary (Vocabulary Challenge).

If these events don’t excite you, GATES 2k6 offers you a horde of general events to enliven you. All game lovers watch out for ‘Rampage’, the LAN Gaming competition. Show your creative abilities at TechnoScrap (The Junkyard Engineering) or make an advertisement for selling Mallika Sherawat’s clothes at Ad-Mad, the Impromptu Advertising competition.

Apart from these events, various workshops and seminars would be held during GATES2k6. These include a seminar on ‘Vocabulary Memorization Techniques’ by Mr. Mahavir Jain, a ‘Digital Animation’ workshop by Pumpkin Studio and a workshop by IACM.

To read the complete event details and register, visit:

Links to GATES 2k6 Posters:
Event Poster:
Schedule Poster:

***This is the event description of GATES2k6, the annual technical fest of my college. This article is written by me for e-publicity of the event.***

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