Google Affiliated Orkut on MS .NET

Saturday, July 15, 2006

By now, you all must have been addicted to Orkut, an online community running in affiliation with Google. Orkut got its name from its owner Orkut Buyukkokten, a doctrate student at the Stanford University.

Orkut is developed on the Microsoft .NET platform. Its really amazing to see Google affiliating a service build on its die-hard competitor, Microsoft's platform. The choice of .NET platform is obvious because of the features the framework provides to ease the development of web applications and services.

The two companies, Google and Microsoft, are each others major rivals. Microsoft wants a pie of the Google's internet advertisement revenue, while Google wants to end the monopoly of its Internet Explorer regime. Google using .NET technologies seems surprising, giving Microsoft a reason to smile.


Freaky Genious said...

That goes on to show why exactly Orkut gets a "Bad Server, No Doughnut for you" error so frequently.....

Its not the server thatz problamatic... its the MS running on it thatz problamatic.

Devil's Advocate

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