Blogger in Draft

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blogger has launched a special version of blogger where people may use new features before they are added to the regular version. This special version is named: Blogger in Draft. The features here are in beta version and are updated regularly.

In this version, Blogger has currently launched Video Uploads, Podcasts, Polls and Search Box. Video Uploads allow you to directly upload videos to Google Video and post it on your blog. You can also podcast these videos. Polls allow you to create polls on your blog, which are added as a page element in your blog. Search Box uses Google's Custom Search Engine to search across your blogs and any outgoing links. The search results are displayed using AJAX on the top of your current page.

Blogger intends to introduce many more features in draft soon, which would eventually be added to the regular Blogger. All these new features will immensely enhance the functionality of Blogger. To get user feedback, Blogger in Draft maintains a blog, where people can post comments about these features.

To use the Blogger in Draft with your Blogger account, log-in to:

Read more about the Blogger in Draft, here.


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