Blogger Play

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blogger Play is a real-time slideshow of photos being posted on blogger. I read about it in a recent post on Matt Cutts' blog and found it worth sharing.

Its interesting to see what people are posting about at the moment. You can also read the related blog post on which the image was posted. Though, I have observed that non-English blogs outnumber English blogs, atleast there are more non-English bloggers who post photographs on their blogs. Still, its fascinating to view random images ranging from natural scenes to personal photos and even a few technology reviews too ;)

It could also prove to be a great resource for my designer friends who keep searching for royalty free images on the

Here are some of the kindling images I found using Blogger Play:

Have fun viewing these images. But caution, its truly addictive and intriguing!

Why Do You Worry?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Do you ever worry? Well, everybody does. So, the question is why do we waste so much of our precious energy worrying? Here's a video by Guruka Singh Khalsa in which he explicates the topic of "worrying" and shows you the way to stop worrying:

So, next time whenever you worry, just cerebrate over the thoughts shared in this video.

Video Credits: Gurumustuk Singh

For more Educational Videos by Guruka Singh Khalsa, click here.

Microsoft offers to purchase Yahoo

Friday, February 01, 2008

According to a recent BBC news update, Microsoft has offered to purchase Yahoo for a whopping $44.6bn, which is 62% above Yahoo's closing share price on Thursday. Yahoo is struggling to fight competition with rival Google, but its ambitions have been thwarted in the recent years. Yahoo's exigence is evident from its recent announcement of slashing 1000 jobs.

The deal would revive Yahoo of its financial crisis. The reaction to the news is clearly indicated by the Yahoo's stock quotes:

Microsoft certainly wants its share of the web. The alliance with Yahoo will help Microsoft to contend with rival Google and forestall its attempt of monopolizing the web. Microsoft has been vying for profits from web for a long time. If this deal works out, it may be a step closer to Steve Ballmer's ambition for Microsoft:
We won the desktop. We won the server. We will win the Web. We will move fast, we will get there. We will win the Web.

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