was Hibernating, but @gsmodi was Awake

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It has been a long time since I last posted on this blog - the longest interval between any two consecutive posts on this blog. Posting long posts on the blog has suffered because of the convenience and ease of posting something in less than 140 characters on Twitter (@gsmodi). The USP of Twitter is its simplicity. The fact that you can use it from multiple devices and applications still getting all the required functionality makes it stand out.

This blog now goes into hibernation rather more frequently than anytime in the past. Its just not about me losing interest in blogging or having a busier schedule; its about the plethora of other social networks which take up the time I might have spend on blogging. Facebook and Twitter are the hot suites of this era. I am regular on both the network though seldom like to post on Facebook, but do tweet rather frequently. Still trying to decipher why I don't like to update my status on Facebook but can tweet about just anything (related tweet). I am sure there are many who share the same syndrome. Another network which I frequent is LinkedIn, which I believe is an excellent way for professional networking and getting updates about your contacts.

The arena of social networks is perpetually being enhanced. If we try to look through the past few years, social networks have evolved marvelously. Everyone wants a share of this huge pie. While Facebook might be leading the race at this time (some people also talk about it as the next big thing after Google), these sites have a history of being overturned by competition. We all have seen the fate of MySpace, Orkut and the likes. Though each have been successful in their times in particular regions of the world, they tend to die out and are superseded by the competition. With Google coming up with Buzz, fresh networks like Tumblr gaining popularity and a plethora of other services which are launched everyday, this would be an interesting space to watch.

OK, that was a bit about social networks - was not supposed to be in this post, could have written a complete post on that stuff. So, coming back to the main point, should I let this blog die out? I don't think so, I've been maintaining it for over 4 years now. I'll try to be more regular, maybe write shorter posts more frequently and cut down the time to do some research before posting about something. Lets see how that turns out.

@gsmodi (Twitter) will hopefully still be awake and would try hard to wake up ;)