Windows Vista Launch Event at GATES 2k7

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Microsoft Windows Vista Launch Event was organized on March 28, 2007 during GATES 2k7, the Annual fest of GTBIT. (Read more about GATES 2k7 in the previous post).

The Windows Vista session was presented by Mr. Akshaya Sharma, Microsoft Student Partner Lead (North India). It featured an orientation of the newly launched Windows Vista and was attented by students of various colleges of Delhi.

The 45min long presentation very well articulated the key features of Windows Vista including the Aero User Interface, Predictive Search, Ready Boost, Security Features among others. The features were well demonstrated using real-time examples.

The presentation was followed by a short quiz, wherein a few random questions were asked from the audience. The winners were awarded with DVDs of Microsoft Visual Studio Express Edition and one lucky winner got a full licensed version of the Windows Vista Business Edition.

This was the first event organized by me as a Microsoft Student Partner. Another Windows Vista event was also organized during GATES 2k7, in which the participants were given a certain set of problems to be solved on Windows Vista. The problems included some system administration tasks, widows sidebar modification etc. The winners of this event got 100% discount coupons on Microsoft Cetifications. Both these events received a very encouraging feedback.

GATES 2k7 (March 27-29, 2007)

Friday, March 30, 2007

GATES 2k7, an acronym for 'GTBIT's Annual Techno-cultural Event for creative Souls', achieved new landmarks and was a huge success. This 3 day fest showcased over 50 events, which included Technical, Managerial, Literary, Cultural and Sports Events. The event saw an overwhelming response from the student fraternity with a footfall of more than 5000 people.

The Technical arena included events like TPP, H/w S/w Presentation, Programming, Web-Designing etc. The major spotlight of the Technical events were the Robotics events, Royal Rumble and Robo GP. These events were introduced for the first time in GATES and saw a huge participation from prestigious engineering colleges of north India, including IIT Kharagpur, IIT Delhi, DCE, NSIT and various colleges of IPU.

The arcade of Managerial and Literary events constituted some great events including B-Plan, Bulls-n-Bears, Case Study, Mockabulary, GD, LAN Gaming, Quizzical... The event that stole the show was Apprentice, a replication of a popular TV show by Donald Trump.

Other attractions of the fest were the numerous Cultural and Sports events. The major cultural events included Street Play, Nach Baliye, One Act Play, Folk Dance, Vocals, Boogie Fever, Battle d Rap... The sports events which drew huge participation were Footsal and Basketball.

GATES 2k7 also featured a Microsoft Windows Vista Launch Event. The event was presented by Mr. Akshay Sharma, MSP-Lead, Microsoft Corporation (India) Ltd. The presentation included a feature overview of Windows Vista. (more on that in my next blog post...)

The event was supported by our numerous sponsors: Coca-Cola, Dettol, Bausch&Lomb, Wisdom Mart, Networkers Home, Career Launcher, Punjab National Bank, Unique Infoways, Micro Computers, FunTown, McGrawHill Education and Traditional Value.
We also partnered with Sparsh to help raise funds for the NGO.

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Here's a Must watch Video for all web enthusiasts. A very well depicted evolution of the Web.

Credits: Michael Wesch, Kansas State University