Hide Files in a JPG Image

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Here's another method to hide your files from others without using any software (previous trick: Lock Folders without using a Software). You can hide your files on the guise of an image file.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Take any image file, say image.jpg
  2. Select the files you want to hide and compress them with any file compression tool (WinRAR, WinZip etc).
  3. Place the image file and the compressed file in the same folder.
  4. Open the command prompt (Start Menu>Run and then type 'cmd').
  5. Navigate to the directory where you have stored the files (using the 'CD' command, examples).
  6. Now, type the following command:
    copy \b image.jpg + compressedfile.ext
    (replace compressedfile.ext with the archive you make with the correct extension, eg .rar, .zip)
Done, you have embedded the compressed file in an image file using binary copy (copy /b). But, how to recover this file? Its simple. Follow these steps:
  1. Open this image file in the same compression tool which you used to create the compressed file.
  2. Select the option to extract this file.
  3. You will see the files that you had embedded with this image.
Though, this method may not be as secure as protecting your files using complex cryptographic techniques, still it provides a simple alternative to protect your personal files on your computer.

Blogger in Draft

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blogger has launched a special version of blogger where people may use new features before they are added to the regular version. This special version is named: Blogger in Draft. The features here are in beta version and are updated regularly.

In this version, Blogger has currently launched Video Uploads, Podcasts, Polls and Search Box. Video Uploads allow you to directly upload videos to Google Video and post it on your blog. You can also podcast these videos. Polls allow you to create polls on your blog, which are added as a page element in your blog. Search Box uses Google's Custom Search Engine to search across your blogs and any outgoing links. The search results are displayed using AJAX on the top of your current page.

Blogger intends to introduce many more features in draft soon, which would eventually be added to the regular Blogger. All these new features will immensely enhance the functionality of Blogger. To get user feedback, Blogger in Draft maintains a blog, where people can post comments about these features.

To use the Blogger in Draft with your Blogger account, log-in to: http://draft.blogger.com

Read more about the Blogger in Draft, here.

Blogvertise: Let your Posts Earn

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Are you a blogger who reviews a lot of stuff on your blog? Well, if you are one, you would definitely like to get some benefits for your critiques. But the problem is that, how do you connect to these advertisers. So, here's a solution: Blogvertise.

Blogvertise connects Advertisers and Bloggers for their mutual benefit. There are lots of Advertisers out there who would like to create a buzz about their products by getting featured on Blogs. Likewise, there are many Bloggers who would like to dedicate a few posts on their blogs for monetary benefits. Blogvertise provides a perfect solution for both.

Bloggers can earn between $4 to $25 for each post they write for Blogvertise. All posts have to be approved before they qualify for payments. Payments are made through PayPal after 30 days of your posts being approved.

Check if your blog qualifies to join Blogvertise. If it does, click here to register.

Adsense Ads with Rounded Corners

Monday, July 02, 2007

Google has recently added support for rounded corners for it AdSense Ad Units. There are two variants for rounded corners: slightly rounded and very rounded, the latter having the sharper curve.

To sport these ad-units on your website, login to your AdSense account and select the most suited "Corner Style" from a list of Square corners, Slightly rounded corners and Very rounded corners.

Alternatively, you may add one of the following attributes to your AdSense code:

  • google_ui_features = “rc:10″; for very rounded corners
  • google_ui_features = “rc:6″; for slightly rounded corners
  • google_ui_features = “rc:0″; square corners
These rounded ad units go well with many web templates that sport rounded corners, a feature common in Web2.0 style sites.

Still not using AdSense? Start monetizing your website, click on the Google Adsense button at the right pane of this blog to get started.