Space Station 3D

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Today, I went to watch the movie 'Space Station'. It was a great experience watching a 3D movie at 'ArenR IMAX', Ghaziabad for the first time. The movie is presented by Lockheed Martin Corporation in co-operation with NASA. It is a 47 minute documentary motion picture narrated by Tom Cruise. It is a story of the ISS and the astronauts associated with it. It is the first ever film which was shot in space.

Usenet Binaries: Anonymous downloads at DSL Speed Space Station 3D took us to the International Space Station (ISS). We didn't watched the Space Station but experienced it. We wore special goggles to watch the movie, which gave special 3D effects to the movie. It seemed like we joined astronauts inside the space station and experienced life on board.

We virtually took a walk inside the ISS which is a combined effort of the global partnership of 16 nations to build a technological marvel in space. Its mission is to provide special laboratories in space to study the inter-planetary life and do special researches in zero-gravitational conditions which are not possible on earth.

Watching a 3D movie was a special experience. We were surrounded by astronauts who were working on the ISS. They were floating around us and were not on the theater screen. We virtually felt being present inside the NASA base station with the scientists and when the flight took off we were on board with the astronauts.

There were many instances in the movie that made you feel that everything was happening in front of you. There was a scene in which astronauts were shown practicing for their space trip in water. The scene had a virtual 3D effect through which we were surrounded by water and bubbles burst as we breathed. In another scene we were surrounded by the dust particles that came storming at our face. In yet another scene an orange was thrown which seemed to hit our eye. This 3D effect combined with mind-boggling sound effects made it appear so realistic that we just became a part of the movie.

The movie appropriately justified its tagline: 'A Select Few Have Been Aboard... Now It's Your Turn!'. So, experience life aboard by watching this astonishing movie. The movie is only shown in IMAX theaters which have a presence in 26 countries.

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