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Friday, March 17, 2006

A couple of months back, I bought the data cable for my phone Sony Ericsson's K300i. The software provided my SE had limited functionality. It just had a file manager, a synchronization tool and a modem driver. Though certain other non-useful packages are also available such as mobile MMS, picture editor etc. but these softwares didn't allow me to take a backup of my SMSes which I characterize and upload on my websites SMS section at http://gsmodi.5gigs.com/sms. So, I searched for a software which could help me.
Finally, I found floAt's Mobile Agent (FMA) an open-source software specially designed for SE phones. I downloaded the FMA2.0, the current stable release of this software. The software comes with some excellent features enable you to totally control your SE cellphone from your computer. The software displays some interesting Phone Info such as phone temperature, manufacturer, model number, software version, serial number. It also displays the status of Battery and its temperature, consumption, charge etc.

The software allows you to make calls and send text messages from your computer using your cellphone. It has a phone explorer which can explore text messages, contacts, recent calls, files, profiles, groups and the phone organizer.

It can retrieve all your text messages from your phone which can be exported as a .csv, .html, .xml file. There is no software available at SE's website which can transfer or send SMS through your computer. It provides a great synchronization tool for your contacts, phone clock and phone bookmarks. It allows you to access your notes, calendar, alarms and bookmarks in the organizer section.
The software also comes in a Beta 2.1 version in which more phone brands are supported and the text messages and bookmarks can be synchronized. Another new version the FMA 3.0 is also being worked on which will even support phones with the Symbian OS (Nokia phones).

This is a must have software for all SE handset users. It provides you with great features to use explore and synchronize your phone.

Click here to download FMA 2.0 (the current stable release)


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