Sunday, March 05, 2006

Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology (GTBIT) proudly presents to you its annual inter-college technical fest ‘GATES 2k6’ on March 9-10, 2006.

GATES (GTBIT Annual Technical Event for creative Souls) features various Technical, Managerial, Literary and General Events. It enables you to stretch your intellectual and creative capabilities and at the same time, provide you a great learning experience with the best scholarly minds around.

If programming is your hobby and technology constitutes your dream, then the technical events would make you supreme. The various technical events include Vernisage (TPP), Ideatum (Hardware/Software Presentation), Prologic (Overnight Online Programming), NeoLogic (Speed Programming), Pixellate (Flash Animation), Mosaic (Website Designing), Tuxedo (Open Source Challenge), Tech-Q (Technical Quiz), Digitec, Ethical Hacking and Beans Stalk (Java Programming).

All young managers and IIM aspirants, splash your managerial skills by participating in the managerial events during GATES2k6. If you are a self-motivated and smart individual who is able to get-the-work-done, then Apprentice is an event especially designed for you. If you are a young entrepreneur, then look forward to Logus (The Case Study), Corporate Roots (The Business Plan) and Bulls-n-Bears (Stock Market Simulation).

GATES2k6 also provides abundant of opportunities to showcase your Literary Skills. Speak up your mind, express yourself and show the world your flair. Chip in to Talk-it-Out (Group Discussion), Rhapsodize (Extempore) or Sired (Creative Writing). If you are proud of your vocabulary, then do participate in Mockabulary (Vocabulary Challenge).

If these events don’t excite you, GATES 2k6 offers you a horde of general events to enliven you. All game lovers watch out for ‘Rampage’, the LAN Gaming competition. Show your creative abilities at TechnoScrap (The Junkyard Engineering) or make an advertisement for selling Mallika Sherawat’s clothes at Ad-Mad, the Impromptu Advertising competition.

Apart from these events, various workshops and seminars would be held during GATES2k6. These include a seminar on ‘Vocabulary Memorization Techniques’ by Mr. Mahavir Jain, a ‘Digital Animation’ workshop by Pumpkin Studio and a workshop by IACM.

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***This is the event description of GATES2k6, the annual technical fest of my college. This article is written by me for e-publicity of the event.***

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