Progress in Video Advertising

Sunday, May 10, 2009

With the popularity of Youtube and other online video streaming sites, video advertising is increasingly becoming a domain people want to explore. Video advertising is increasingly becoming popular and adds a new dimension to the text and banner based internet advertising. Its a very promising new form of internet advertising.

A lot of new methods are being developed for this new form of advertising. One of the most interesting ones is in-video advertising. Imagine advertising a product by placing it at an appropriate spot in the video and allow user to click on the product to view details and purchase it. Or just putting an advertisement on a building shown in the video. The video advertisement technologies are emerging to make all these things possible.

Innovid is one such company which has come out with some great techniques for In-Video advertising creating a brand experience which had not been possible before. They allow you to create videos with user interaction which is super cool. They have one of the most innovative advertising techniques which allows the advertisements to be placed in a streaming video. Check out their gallery for the ad methods they have developed.

Another interesting technology is Zunavision, which is developed by Stanford University and allows advertisers to dynamically add image or video in an already existing video. You just select a surface in the video to place your ad and it automatically adjusts the advertisements with the motion of the video. See the following video which describes how this technology works:

The future of video advertising seems great and can help monetize the video content people generate.


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