Micro-blogging on Twitter

Friday, May 08, 2009

The frequency of my posts on the blog have been decreasing over time. With all my buzy schedule, its difficult to update the blog regularly. I've recently started using twitter and have fallen in love with this concept of micro-blogging. Its so much easier to just write a line or two than writing a complete post on something you just saw. Its instant, its simple and its fun.

I have had lots of things I thought to blog about but most of them never make it out here because I don't have had the time to post them. But now, whenever I see something interesting, I tweet about it. Its also interesting to get almost instant replies about it. I find it better than the Facebook status updates.

Twitter has been there for a while and is gaining momentum. People have started using it for marketing, job search, networking and much more. There is a lot of spam out there too, but you have control over whom you want to follow and an option to control who should be following you. Your followers are the ones who can read your tweets and you get updates from people whom you are following.

You can follow me on on twitter: @gsmodi. Also, my twitter feed would now be posted on the right column of my blog.


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