Today's MS Sessions

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Microsoft Student Group in association with the Divine Circle have formulated a program to take up regular technology sessions in our college under the banner - 'Technology Incubation Program'. As part of the program, three short sessions were conducted today.

I took the first session to introduce the various Microsoft Project Competitions - Imagine Cup, Student2Business Program and the Student RockStar Competition. The session also apprised the students about Channel 8.

The second session was conducted by Angad, who gave an overview the placement process followed by various companies that recruited for on-campus placements. He also briefed the students about the preparation required for placements.

The third session, 'Win the Web', was aimed at novice developers to aquaint them with the various technologies and trends prevalent on the internet. I introduced the Web 2.0 jargon and summarized the various web technologies - client side, server side, web services and mashups. A short video was played before the session, which showcased the various applications that could be developed using MS technologies.

The event saw an overwhelming response from the students. More than 150 students attended the sessions, a few of whom kept standing throughout as the seats were full. I commend the audiences for their attentiveness and the interest shown throughout the sessions.

I would like to congratulate the people who worked hard in organizing and promoting the event. We received a very encouraging feedback about the event and would continue to take up similar sessions.

The presentations delivered during today's sessions are available for download.


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