2008: The Blog will be Personal Again

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The title of this post might have reminded you of the HP ad campaign, "The computer is personal again"; wherein they claimed to bring in the lost personal element in the "personal computer". In 2008, I plan to do the same for this blog by bringing back the "personal" factor. I contrive to rejuvenate the original theme of this blog - "something new, something different and something exciting for everyone".

Over the past year, this blog has been rendered somewhat as a tech-only blog. The posts were less frequent and mostly constituted of some code snippets or other technology stuff. I seldom had time to post on the blog due to an extremely hectic schedule.

There were a lot of things which kept me busy in 2007. In the first few months I was occupied with the organization of my college fest held in March. Being the member of the core organizing group and the incharge for sponsorships of the event, kept me busy from Jan through March. In Feb., I was appointed as the Microsoft Student Partner. I attended a couple of MS events, a two-day MSP BootCamp at Gurgaon and took up sessions in my college. I also took the GRE and TOEFL exams in August and have applied for admissions for the MS program in computer science. In the past year, I also had a couple of trips to Amritsar and Jammu respectively. There was a lot to blog about but could not post much due to inadequacy of time.

In 2008, I hope to post more frequently on this blog and on a wider variety of subjects. With this resolution in mind, I wish all my blog reader's a,

Happy New Year 2008


Rasleen Kaur said...

oh so mr busy bee ;-) awaitin some cool stuff on myriad subjects frm ya end... :-)

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