Blogvertise: Let your Posts Earn

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Are you a blogger who reviews a lot of stuff on your blog? Well, if you are one, you would definitely like to get some benefits for your critiques. But the problem is that, how do you connect to these advertisers. So, here's a solution: Blogvertise.

Blogvertise connects Advertisers and Bloggers for their mutual benefit. There are lots of Advertisers out there who would like to create a buzz about their products by getting featured on Blogs. Likewise, there are many Bloggers who would like to dedicate a few posts on their blogs for monetary benefits. Blogvertise provides a perfect solution for both.

Bloggers can earn between $4 to $25 for each post they write for Blogvertise. All posts have to be approved before they qualify for payments. Payments are made through PayPal after 30 days of your posts being approved.

Check if your blog qualifies to join Blogvertise. If it does, click here to register.


Taranjeet Singh said...

gud now i hv another thing that i can add on my blog... :)

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