Now thats a new generation UI

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ever imagined navigating through a website without even pressing a single mouse button? Here's a site that lets you navigate by just hovering over the links:

The site has been developed in flash and presents to you a great User-Interface (UI). It provides a unique user experience of browsing through the web. You don't need to click to browse through different links.

The project claims to be a work of a hypothetical 'Institute for Interactive Research'. It reviews the user habits and records the number of accidental or intentional clicks a user makes which surfing the website. is actually a non-commercial project by a Design Student of University Essen-Duisburg, Germany. Do visit this cool website for a great User Experience.


Nikunj Parekh said...

damn nice stuff.. had read/heard abt it somewhere.. its in flash... i guess it will be the future GUI of the web fr sure !!



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