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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ever wanted to create a toolbar for your site/blog visitors or your community but don't have the technical knowledge to build it, here's a solution. Conduit offers you to create a Free Community Toolbar for your website with loads of exciting features.

Conduit offers a simple method to create your toolbar. Just register yourself and get started. Follow a few simple steps in the wizard and your toolbar is ready for download. The toolbar is cross-browser compatible and can be auto-updated after installation.

Go Daddy Domains $8.95 and Lower! 125x125 The toolbar is fully customizable. It allows you to add your own company logo and your site components. It also allows you to add prebuilt components including search box, pop-up blocker, RSS reader, news feeds, message ticker, real time messaging among others. You can also add a Live Chat component which allows your users to be engaged and chat with each other.

A toolbar is a wise marketing investment for your website/blog. It increases your user loyalty and engages your users. It allows you to connect with your users 24/7. It helps in site promotion and increases traffic.

So, create your free toolbar today, click here.


Anonymous said...

This toolbar rocks!!!!

Was looking for one for quite sometime.


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