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Thursday, May 18, 2006

CNN-IBN, the brainchild of Rajdeep Sardesai, shows its internet presence with its website It is one of the best news website available on the internet (ofcourse, the best for Indian News). Kudos to the webteam at IBN for conceptualizing and developing such a great website. The website is much better than the website of its prime competitor NDTV.

One of the prominent feature of is the FREE Live Streaming of its television broadcast (very few news websites offers it for free). You can also watch video clips of the current news stories. The news stories published on the website are comment enabled. Another cool feature is the dynamic box that shows 'Other Stories in the Section', 'Most Read Articles of the Day', 'Top Stories' etc.

My personal favorite feature on the website are the IBN Blogs, where IBN journalists present the news stories from a different prospective. The posts in the blogs are really nice to read. Another section of the website which I frequent is Sci-Tech. This section incorporates some of the best news stories from the technology world.

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CNN-IBN is the only Indian news channel which extensively publicizes its website. Be it daily user comments on certain issues or a contest, you would always be directed to You would frequently hear 'Log on to for more stories' on the TV broadcast.

It seems that CNN-IBN realizes serious business from its website. So, how does it actually monetizes its website? If you could have guessed, Google Adsense. IBNLive inclusively uses Google Adsense program. You won't find any advertisments than Ads by Google. The reason for choosing Adsense program may be the ease of displaying and managing content-related ads. NDTV also uses Adsense on its website, but it also displays many other advertisements and also includes an online store where it sells various products. Besides, the ad-placements on is more captivating than on

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