Donald Trump's "Trump University"

Monday, May 29, 2006

Donald Trump, the man with 'The Apprentice' fame, launches his own varasity: "Trump University". He is a self-made multi-billionaire who now joins his world-class team of specialists to offer you a variety of courses to teach you how to become successful. It offers many online courses, audio courses, home-study courses and self-assesments in fields of Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, Management, Wealth Creation and Career.

Trump University is for anyone who believes that, 'Knowledge is the key to success'. Entrepreneurs, self-motivated individuals, professionals or anyone who want to reach top of their professions, Trump University has a lot to offer to you.

The most appealing feature of Trump University is that they integrate ideas that have been proven to be useful in businesses and makes them easily accessible for everyone, so that they can improve their businesses. Their courses provide you confidence and guts to do business at the bad times. Most importantly, it offers you access to like minded individuals who have succeeded through these tough times.

Some of the courses offered by Trump University include:

  • Entrepreneur Essentials: Think Like an Entrepreneur

  • Marketing Essentials: Learn the Keys to Marketing

  • Real Estate Essentials: Buy a Home Like a Real Estate Pro

  • Wealth Builder's Blueprint

Trump University also hosts an vibrant online community, featuring a dynamic discussion board, "The Trump Blog," "Ask Mr. Trump", and other forums to interact with experts and your peers.

Don't forget to register to this university for a FREE Inside Trump Tower Newsletter, which features some excellent success mantras by Donald Trump.

To visit and register with Trump University, click here.


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