Online Submission of Training Status

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

All fourth semester students have to submit their 6-week summer training status by filling up an online form available at till May 10, 2006 (1300hrs, IST). Students have to register themselves online to get a username and password which would enable them to make changes to their training status. The final list has to be submitted to Mr. S.S.Batra, TPO on May 10, 2006 after which no changes would be allowed.

All students are required to fill-in whether they are doing their training in industry or in-house. If you are doing industrial training, you have to include the name of the company from where you are doing the training. The students interested in in-house training should mention their field of interest, as this might be helpful in deciding the course of the in-house training. Also, correct contact information should be provided on the form, so that you could get regular updates on this issue.

This form is the first-ever online submission of a list for the students of GTBIT. This is an effort to make better use of the available technology and thus, making it convenient for the students. As students had to submit their status before May 10, when we would be having our preparatory leave for end-term exams, I thought it would be better to make an online form which students could fill according to their convenience and could modify it before the deadline, if their is any change. If this runs successfully, students may see more such revolutionizing changes ahead for the betterment of our college.


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