One more Friend joined this Blog World

Monday, April 10, 2006

Today, my friend Keshav Gupta also started his own blog: TechPeep - 'Just Peeping in the Technology World'. I expect a lot of posts from Keshav on the last Gadgets and Gizmos from the tech world.

Keshav is a real tech freak and would never dissapoint you with the content of his blog.

Really cool blog Keshav. Keep Bloging!!!

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Click here to visit Keshav's Blog


Keshav said...

this guy is the nicest person, i have ever met and he is a person you may always trust,
gsm is just full of knowledge
and thanx for advertising my blog :)

Gurpreet Singh Modi said...

thanxfor the compliments keshav...
i wud definitely keep reading and advertising ur blog... real amazing work from a truly amazing person...

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