New URL and a New Design

Sunday, July 06, 2008

I have moved my blog from to The blog has been redesigned to give it a great new look and feel.

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Both these changes were awaited from a long time. I had wished to change my blog domain from a long time. The new domain sounds much better and syncs with my website: The blogging platform remains the same, ie blogger. I had thought about changing it to wordpress, but blogger allowed complete redirection of my old posts to the new custom domain.

The blog design needed a makeover from a long time. The new design is a 3 column layout which caters to the more common larger screen sizes. I found this layout here. A number of modifications have been made to the layout to make it look better.

Apart from these, a number of new things have been added to the blog:
  • E-mail subscription option from feedburner.
  • Custom search engine from Google.
  • A favicon for associating an icon with the bookmarks.
  • The new subscription widget from Blogger.
  • Social bookmarking and other sharing button from ShareThis.
  • Tag (Label) cloud whose code can be found here.
Do give your feedback about the new layout and these exciting features.


Unknown said...

Well done with the redesign. The blog looks really cool and everything seems to blend in perfectly :)

Angad Singh said...

makeover of blog is really beautiful....

Gurpreet Singh Modi said...

hey, thanks for those comments!

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