Mesh up your Data on Live Mesh

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Consider this: You are working on a document from the past few days on different machines and now realize that you have different versions of the document on different devices. Its a fractious task to keep a coherent copy of your work while working on multiple systems. Wouldn't it be great if there was a service which could automatically synchronize the files on all your devices.

Live Mesh is a new service which provides you a virtual desktop and enables individuals and organizations to access, manage and share data and applications seamlessly through the web. It allows you to connect all your devices and synchronize the data. It gives you 5GB space to store your data in the "cloud" (data centers on the internet). You can access your data anytime, anywhere on a simple web browser. So, resume your work from where you left it.

If you think thats awesome, well there are many more features in Live Mesh to be explored. It allows you to remotely access any of the device on your Mesh via the web. You can also share folders on your Live Desktop with your friends or family. Live Mesh updates you about the changes made in your folders. It also facilitates online collaboration through chat and posting messages in a folder.

Live Mesh has been developed by Microsft on the 'software-and-services' platform. It is currently under Limited Technology Preview and an invitation is required to preview this service. A developer SDK will also accompany this service, which would allow application developers to extend their applications using the amazing features of Live Mesh.


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