Ms. Dewey

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ms. Dewey: A beautiful young girl welcoming you to a search site asking you to just tell her what she can do for you. A rather impatient girl asking about your presence whenever you sit ideal. She takes some time to think and then finds the answers for your query.

Ms. Dewey is a really entertaining search engine. The site loads with an intro which will vary each time you load it. You put the search term in the regular search box. She would start thinking about your query and makes you wait. Results would be returned in a small popup with Ms. Dewey explaining about it. She changes her mood often. She looks mischievous, happy, sad, bored and sometimes embarrassed, adding to all the fun.

Ms. Dewey is developed by a San Francisco based design firm, Evolution Bureau for Microsoft. It is a flash-based search engine, which uses the Windows Live search results. An actress helps you out with finding search results adding a "human face" to the online search. It depicts the capabilities of the search engines today. It is another great application of the elite Web 2.0 club. Its a fabulous campaign by Microsoft to promote its Windows Live services.

Click here to visit Ms. Dewey.

Click here to view a SlideShow of images featuring Ms. Dewey.


Anonymous said...

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Abhishek Bhatnagar said...

gud one...some sort of interactive search engine....i hope may be google may add some thing like future.

Hi Modi

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Anonymous said...


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