Hacking Yahoo IDs?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

UPDATE: Please don't try this without reading the entire post... I'm trying to make you people aware of this scam... But I have observed that many people are thinking that this stuff is true and trying it out... Please do read the complete post and DO NOT TRY THIS...

How to Hack a Yahoo ID

A Cool Technique for HACKING YAHOO Passwords...
Just follow the following small set of instructions:

Click on Compose Mail Button. Write a mail to [email protected] with subject as Lost Password.

In the mail write your yahoo id in the first line.
In the second line write your name and last name with one single space in between, it should be exactly the same as you gave at the time of registration.
Write your password in the third line.
Leave one line blank
In the fifth line write the Yahoo Id of the person whose password you want to know.
In the sixth line write his full name.

An Example is shown below:

To: ***********@yahoo.com
Subject: Lost Password

[email protected] (Your Yahoo Id)
Peter Matthew (Your Name)
mexico (Your Password)

[email protected] (Yahoo Id of the person)
Micheal Andy (Person's name given at the time of registration)

You will receive a mail from Yahoo having the inquired person's password. This works by confusing the server which mistakenly consider you as one of the Yahoo Administrators, enquiring for a Lost Password. Though there are many other ways for hacking passwords, but they do not work. Enjoy this loop-hole till Yahoo rectifies it.


This piece of text would definitely entice you to try it out. Once to try it, you have send your own password to the hacker eagerly waiting for it. The fraudster had created a false e-mail address '[email protected]' to get your password.

So, another form of phishing is introduced by these hackers (technically, crackers), SOCIAL PHISHING, socially luring the people to try something out and reveal their personal information.

This enticed me too, but fortunately, I didn't try it coz it seemed like a scam to me. But a few friends tried this and alas, lost their passwords.
So people, BEWARE!!!


Anonymous said...

thankx gurupreet. its really nice. i was supposed to send my id & password. bt thnx god i read it again , & then i cameto know dat , this is fake.
nice one.

Anonymous said...

abe no 1 fool to listen 2 hacker it self
bt nice try!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gurpreet Singh Modi said...

hey anonymous... i'm trying to make ppl aware of dese scams... read d entire post befre commenting on it...

i've added an update to d post for ppl like u who don't read d entire post before aommenting...

Anonymous said...

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