Traffic from Spelling Errors

Sunday, February 05, 2006

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Have you ever got traffic on your site by precisely making spelling mistakes. If you haven't, read on. I sometimes get traffic on my site from a small spelling mistake. There is a small spelling mistake in the Tips & Tricks section. The spelling of 'sholarship' have been typed as 'scholorship'.

The result of this spelling mistake drives traffic from search engines to my site where people make this common mistake too. View this search result: My site gets the 2nd ranking on first page. Also, see this: Again a first page listing. There have been more than 5-6 such incidences, which I can remember, in the past few weeks that I have got visitors to my website from such queries.

So, when you optimize your website for search engines, try using some common spelling errors and typos to drive more traffic to your site.


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