Google Zeitgeist

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Google Zeitgeist, a release of the Google Press Center, provides latest search patterns and trends on Google.

This press release shows really amazing statistics of what people are searching on the web. It shows top 15 weekly queries on Google. It also show monthly search data under different categories. Zeitgeist really tells you what people are looking on the internet.

Zeitgeist help the editors analyze which news queries are the most popular on the internet. It also includes the top searched images on the internet. Apart from this, country-specific reports are also available. It shows the top search queries from a country for a given month.

Google Zeitgeist also shows year-end report of its popular search queries. The year-end Google Zeitgeist presents fabulous graphs showing the trends among the top queries in various categories, viz. world affairs, nature, movies, celebrities and phenomena. Yearly archives of Zeitgeist are also available from the year 2001 onwards.

To view the Google Zeitgeist click here.


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